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Explanation of Proposed Changes to TR Register  Constitution

As an incorporated body, the TR Register Australia is required to operate in accordance with the NSW Associations Incorporations Act of 2009 and the accompanying Regulations.  These Regulations are updated about every five years, and the latest came into effect in September 2016.

Our Constitution has not previously been amended, and is considerably out of date. In order to comply with the Act and Regulations it is therefore necessary for us to update the document.

The Regulations include what is known as the Model Constitution.  Organisations governed by the Act may elect to adopt the Model, or may choose to develop their own Constitutions.  The Register decided to follow this latter course many years ago.

However, when an organisation elects to have its own Constitution it must comply with the latest Regulations, and if any provisions in the Model are not covered by a organisation's independent Constitution, then the provision in the Model is binding. 

Because our Constitution had become out of step with the format of the Model one, it was decided to re-write the document, rather than attempt to essentially cut and paste the new requirements into the existing Constitution. As a result, the new document is considerably longer than the original, as it incorporates the various new provisions of the Regulations, together with further detail, much of it legal in nature.

Despite the length of the proposed Constitution, there are comparatively few changes from our current one.  Those changes are shown on the accompanying table, and if approved will allow for greater flexibility in the way the Register is managed. The proposed Constitution is displayed on the web site and any comments you may wish to make should be forwarded to John Pike, who is coordinating the project on behalf of the Committee - email John Pike at

We will be asking members to ratify the new Constitution at a Special General Meeting, to be held at The Kings School, Parramatta, at 11 am on 27 August.  At this time a vote will be taken in response to the resolution: "That the members of the TR Register Australia Inc endorse the amended Constitution as presented".  If the resolution is approved, the document will then be forwarded to the Department of Fair Trading for its consideration.  Only when the Department has accepted our submission will it come into force.

We realise that not all members will be able to attend the meeting, so members who wish to cast a vote may send  their response to the resolution to our Secretary,  Mark Stuckey - email, who will  act as the Returning Officer.  You merely need to say "Accept" or "Reject".  Voting is restricted to current financial members, and should reach Mark by August 25th. 

Your Committee encourages you to either attend the meeting or to send or email your vote to Mark, as this is an important document for  the Register, deserving of your consideration.


Table of Proposed Changes to TR Register Australia Constitution.
Note that for ease of reference, the following changes are shown in bold type in the Proposal to Change the Constitution which you can DOWNLOAD HERE as a PDF (corrected).
Title Block. Date of document inserted - August 2017
Clause 2. Insertion of definition of Derivative motor vehicle.
Clause 3. Minor changes to the wording of the Objects of the Register, and provision to allow the Sidescreen magazine to be available in electronic format.
Clause 4. Insertion of a provision to allow for Family and Complimentary Memberships.
Clause 5. Insertion of a provision of a joining fee for new members, with the Committee being able to waive this fee in certain circumstances. New members to be approved by the Committee (rather than solely by the Membership Secretary).
Clause 7. Specifying that a member will not be declared unfinancial until after three months from the date subscriptions become due.
Clause 15. Provision for the Committee to consist of four office bearers and a maximum of 10 other members.

(e) Insertion of provision in regard to maximum consecutive terms of office for office bearers and Committee members.
Clause 22. Insertion of provision to allow for telephone and/or video conferencing etc. at Committee meetings.
Clause 25. Inserting provisions regarding the buying and selling of spare parts.
Clause 33. Insertion of provision to allow use of technology at meetings, on same basis as at Clause 22.
Clause 44-46. Insertion of statement that the Register is a non-profit organisation, and provisions regarding management of Register funds.