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Ken Le Mesurier - QLD
TR3 - 1957 model TS 20084

Ken purchased this car from Julie Ow in Perth WA. Hopefully we will receive some more information about the restoration as it looks like a daunting task!

Ken says: "...the car came in from Singapore after having spent 6 years in a shipping container. I started working on her in late October 2016. The body is nearly finished but I still have a bit to do on the boot. I am still unsure what colour yet, either carnelian red or two tone black and cream." edited 27/717

New photos added at the bottom:

Well - all the bits have arrived.

Good grief - what have I bought!

Lots of bits

Oh dear.

This is the chassis ....

And this seems to be the "recovered" chassis ... how did he do it?

As a late TR3 the rear apron looks correct with the pressings for the separate turning lights.

Some clue about a variety of previous colours.

New material - 26 July 2017

This is a magnificent effort when you look back at the chassis above.

Panel fit looking good.

This is the right way to restore the body. Nicely engineered rotisserie.