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A TR3 in France & a Mystery 3 wheeler.

A story from France by Stephen & Ginetta Rochester (Tasmania).

With the coronavirus lockdown easing for travel within France we went to visit a brocante market in Villeneauve les Avignon about 30min from where we have been staying in Vaison-la-Romaine for the last month.

As we were about to leave a TR3 pulled up across the road from the market. Unfortunately he spoke no English and I spoke no French but with support from some locals he indicated that as a Frenchman he was obsessed with art and beauty and as a consequence limited his cars to only those that met his standards.
Accordingly he showed us his limited car collection in a book of photos he had of his garage.

The collection was more art than French comprising the TR3 , DB5, Morgan +8, Healey 3000 and an E Type. For some strange reason he was also not a supporter of Brexit. He had to go off to meet some fellow art friends in a bar that can now serve customers and that was all we could glean given the language difficulties.

Anyway copies of the photos of the car are attached. Not sure we will see anymore TRs but will send more pics if we do. We have had to cancel the UK and Ireland part of our trip as all the borders are closed and as a result we are planning to spend the next few months in Bretagne.

Cheers Stephen & Ginetta

Mystery 3 wheeler

The Rochesters: "Thought you might be interested in an unusual Louis Vuitton handbag."

I asked "Do you know what the 3 wheeler under the handbag is?"

Answer: "No idea as the engine was inside the handbag. Must have been a handbag cooled Morgan. No self respecting handbag would be seen with a Messerschmitt!"

Regards Ginetta