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Sapphire Coast Chapter
Blend Cafe gathering 10 Feb 2021

The Sapphire Coast Chapter has a scheduled meeting each Wednesday morning at "Blend Cafe" Tathra Beach from 9am

At present due to Covid restriction we don't have room for the cars in the parking area at Blend so we are displaying the cars at the location shown below - on the other side of the road about 100m along towards the shops:

Regards - Rick

TRs - one of each type - with a new visitor hiding at the end!

Classic car guru Alan May was kind enough to bring his McLaren along for the benefit of our members and friends.

We hope to see more of Alan's interesting cars over the months ahead.

Keith Manning and his Norton Commando was an unexpected and welcome surprise arrival.

Some of the usuals at the "table of ignorance" - - looks like it's gone to the dogs!

Get on the size of that disc brake rotor!