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2019 Ballarat Concours Preliminary Photos kindly provided by Bob & Cherryle Watters

Photo 1
A well earned cold drink at Euroa on the way to Ballarat after a hot afternoon behind the wheel. Keen observers will note that Ian Cuss has already finished his drink while the more refined gentlemen are enjoying the occasion with dignity.

Photo 2
Graham Brohan being interviewed by Rusty from Bumper 2 Bumper for the video that was filmed at the event

Photo 3
General photo of the location with display class cars in the background, the 3 cars in the right of the picture are the Concours Class (I think it is now called Originality) entries. Probably for the first time there wasn't a TR3A in this class, the winner was David Stephen's TR2 in the centre, David Chapman's Geranium TR2 was second with John and Leonie Johnson's TR3 third. The day was bitterly cold with occasional showers hence the scarcity of cars with their tops down.

Photo 4
Lesley Xerri and Tony Knowlson being interviewed by Rusty for the club history video that was also filmed on the day

Photo 5
Part of the group who visited Musk Farm garden during the event, a beautiful converted school house with a classic English garden.

Photo 5
Musk Farm Garden 1

Photo 7
Musk Farm Garden 2

Photo 8
Cars parked at Sovereign Hill, tops on today for the heat, around 37 degrees

Photo 9
Sovereign Hill carpark with Chris Keay's TR3A from WA which was shipped by train to Adelaide then driven to Ballarat and all the way back to WA

Photo 10
Cherryle admiring the fabulous display at the botanical gardens in Ballarat

Photo 11
The Goldfields Railway which runs from Maldon to Castlemaine

Photo 12
An interested group as Grant, the proprietor of Up the Creek Restorations, explains some of the challenges of rebuilding a vintage Bentley engine.
This place was a revelation with Bentleys, Bugattis and Lancias all undergoing work.

Photo 13
A visit to local member Colin Sergeant to view his collection of pre 1930 motorcycles was a treat.
All are used regularly including runs from Sydney to Perth and Adelaide to Darwin.

Photo 14
Colin even has a garden Railway which is normally enjoyed by his grandchildren however on this occasion Ian Cuss was a substitute.
I bet it was going flat chat!