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Maintaining the Triumph Sportscar Marque:
Triumph Sportscars - TR2, TR3, TR3A/3B & Derivatives 1953/1962
The TR Register (Australia) was formed in 1976 and has expanded to a current membership in excess of 300.
The Register is dedicated to the preservation of "side-screen" TRs including TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B and derivative cars (eg Swallow Doretti).
Derivative cars share mechanical parts and sometimes the complete chassis from Triumph TRs of the period (1953 to 1962)
What are these Triumph Sportscars?    We will have a brief look at each model:

1953 - 1955 4 cyl wet sleeve motor (83mm bore x 92mm stroke 1991cc)
- a modified Standard Vanguard design. Drum brakes, 4 gears with
optional Laycock-de Normanville overdrive unit was an option
on top gear only, capable of 100mph & overall economy over 30mpg


1955 - 1957 Similar specs to the Triumph TR2 apart from being fitted with an
egg-box front grille and larger S.U. carburettors. The most significant changes occurred in 1956, when the engine output was boosted to 100 bhp and shortly
after, the TR3 became the worlds first production car to install front disc brakes.
*However, Australian "CKD assembled" TR3s were fitted as standard with drum brakes all round, and did not have disc brakes.

TR3A (1957 - 1962) again, similar specs with a changed front apron
& now fitted with door and boot handles!! it was fully imported into Australia
and disc brakes were fitted as standard, as were separate rear indicator lights.
TR3B (1962) - was developed for the North American market & uprated
to 2138cc with all synchro box.

Derivative - Doretti

1954 - 1955 a two-seater sports car built on a tubular chassis utilizing
Triumph TR2 mechanicals. 275 were built and about 14 are in Australia.
They were built for the American market by Swallow (part of the TI group UK)

Click to see this derivative: Italia
This is believed to be the only one in Australia.

Derivative - Peerless

The UK built alloy bodied prototype was named "Warwick". The production cars had fibreglass bodies & were renamed "Peerless GT" in 1957. It has Triumph TR3 running gear in a tubular space frame with de Dion tube rear suspension. About 325 were made and a handful made it to Australia - this one is in Tasmania.
Derivative - Buchanan

The Buchanan Motor Co PL was an Australian kit car manufacturer. It made sports cars in the 1950s with the design based on the Aston Martin DB3-S.
Many were fitted to Triumphs and MGs. This one is on a TR2 chassis.
Dates for the Committee, Annual General and National Meetings of the TR Register Australia Inc. for 2018
  • February 6th (Tuesday) Committee meeting
  • March 20th (Tuesday) Committee meeting
  • May 15th (Tuesday) Committee meeting
  • June 19th (Tuesday) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
  • July 17th (Tuesday) Committee meeting
  • September 18th (Tuesday) Committee meeting
  • October 21st (Sunday) NATIONAL MEETING 2018 Adelaide
  • November 20th (Tuesday) Committee meeting

Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting are scheduled to be held at Concord RSL and Community Club.

Drinks and a natter commence at 6.00 pm, dinner in the Blue Flame Bistro at 6.30 pm and meetings commencing at 7.30 pm.

Don't forget that, as a member, you are welcome to contact the Committee with any issues, questions or suggestions you have regarding the Club and these will be discussed at Committee meetings.

As always, all Committee positions will be vacated at the AGM. Please consider standing for a position. New faces equals new ideas.

The Triumph TR sportscars are fequently called SIDESCREEN cars because they don't have wind-up windows, just a slip-in screen (except a few derivatives).

One of the strengths of the Triumph TR Register Australia is our focus on a limited range of models. This enables the Register to purchase new and second-hand parts which are made available to members (only) at very special prices and delivered to your door, generally the next day. This is of tremendous help to restorers with parts readily available and at realistic prices. Restorers also benefit from a wide range of retail suppliers, which are advertised on our Website.

The Triumph TR Regsiter is a Not For Profit organisation and all of our funds and assets are used solely for the benefit of Register members, so ensuring that owning a sidescreen TR and belonging to the Register with like-minded enthusiasts is an enjoyable experience.

A regular newsletter ("Sidescreen") is published with a wide range of information on TR Register activities and an additional periodic listing of available parts. Isues frequently contain technical hints for restorers and owners. These have proved so popular that the articles, along with other material, has been collected and compiled as a Technical Tips Manual based on expert contributions to previous newsletters and the website. The Technical Tips Manual is available at cost to members and would be an invaluable aid to a prospective restoration.

You can sample a PDF version by going to the Front Page and clicking eSIDESCREEN link

The WEBSITE you are reading provides a wide range of information to members and there is an associated Forum for you to participate in discussions, attached to this website. Included on the web is a listing of New Parts.

Apart from restoring and preserving TRs, members also organise day runs and weekend outings, extended Triumph Tours (TTs), social activities and an annual National Meeting and Concours. The Concours is the premier event for the year and is held in various parts of Australia. Concours activities involve organised tours through the local countryside as well trips to important and interesting sites plus lots of socialising, eating, drinking dancing and camaraderie. Side events are also organised with a focus on the spouses of members who may have more varied interests!

The standard of restoration is improving each year, with concours competition at the top level becoming very tough. The cars are not treated as museum pieces however, and many competitive cars are driven to the Concours from far afield. We just want you to show your cars. Local members and state committees share the organisational duties which spreads the workload.

The Register also fosters motor sport activities with members participating in historic race meetings, rallies and various competitive events.

The key to the success of the Register is the friendly, co-operative attitude of members drawn from a broad cross-section of the community. Shared enthusiasm for a practical, affordable classic sports car has engendered a fine club spirit.

If you own, or aspire to own a sidescreen Triumph TR sports car, contact the Register at the address below. You will be most welcome!

New Members contact:

Tony Knowlson
TR Register
PO Box 457,
you can print out a Membership Form and send to the above address.

OR contact someone on this list of contacts: COMMITTEE MEMBERS & STATE CO-ORDINATORS and ask them about our club.