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Colin Cuffe - QLD - TR3A - 1960 model
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Further details of Colin's GULLWING conversion.

Colin describes the design as follows: [summary]
"I have designed and hand made a removable fibreglass surrey style hardtop for my TR3A and fitted hand made perspex 'Gullwing' sidescreens. This complements the previously constructed vinyl surrey top and aluminium/perspex rear backlight [see photo below]
The window apertures remain the same size as for sidescreens.
The perspex wings are hinged at the top and are controlled by a polished S/Steel gas strut. The wing assemblies are removable in a few minutes.

The wings have an adjustment mechanism (visible in the photos below) which allows for fresh air ventilation at lower speeds. This adjustment only allows the wings to extend no further out than the width of the car measured across the wheel knock-ons.

At 40 kph little air enters the cabin with the Gullwing open in the restrained position but provides pleasant ventilation. For highway and higher speed driving it is best to have the Gullwings closed.

There is near panoramic vision all round compared to normal sidescreens. The gutterless roof is waterproof when attention is given to adhesive sealing strips."     
Colin has provided extensive construction information and perhaps some of this will appear in Sidescrren or in our Technical Section. He has also produced an article on improving the sealing of the rear scroll on a TR - also scheduled for a technical article.

This is a poor quality image scanned from a paper copy but it shows the interesting "Targa" type backlight that Colin has constructed.