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Felix Hemingway - VIC
"Out of the Black Saturday Ashes"
TR3A - 1959 model     Comm # TS 55057 LO

Felix describes his TRs:

"The first photo is my original 1960 TR3A which died in the Black Saturday fires. It was sitting next to the old 1950 Ferguson TEA18 (this has also been replaced). Both were not salvageable.

The photo is of two little girls standing in front of the car. The girl on the right is my daughter Phoebe who is now 34 years of age. I bought the car on the day I met my wife Mei-Ge over 40 years ago. This car was a fantastic every day driver doing the daily commute from Kinglake to Malvern - a solid 120k daily drive.

Unfortunately I have no useful numbers from the old car. I got it unregistered and rebuilt it in the 70s. The previous details would be well gone now. I bought it as a red car and re did it in BRG. Brian Sampson did the motor for me and it was really beautiful to drive. It is sad that I cannot even remember the rego. The fire was tragic for many but for me it was just the loss of stuff. A reminder that we should not get too obsessed by our posessions. It also gave me a chance to build a lovely new home.

The second photo is of an ugly old bloke (me) sitting in the replacement car. This is the car that was owned by Doug Cooper from Canberra. Doug had purchased the car from the USA in 1996 and restored it (in Queensland) prior to moving to the ACT. From Doug it passed to Graham Richardson in VIC. It was bought in 2013 as a good honest car but not still to concourse standards."