Talia & John McCormack
Photos of member John McCormack (jnr) and his lovely bride, Talia.

"I thought I might send you some photos of my recent wedding at Neerim South in case you were looking for material for the site. We had dad’s car, TR-000 on display on the day. She’s a roughie (the car!) but she scrubbed up OK, even though the photos are kind. Talia didn’t look too bad either I thought!

The car has been in our family for most of my life and sparked my ongoing interest in TR’s. These days, I’m behind the wheel for nearly all of the miles that TR-000 sees, as dad finds it increasingly difficult to get in and out as he gets older.

Talia and myself, along with TR-000 hope to enjoy many more trips together and to get along to more club events in the future."
John McCormack


AND... a photo of the other important person:

TR2 1955 model