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Ross Mckinnon (VIC) 1960 TR3A
Commission No: TS 75195 0 - Engine no TS 75596 E

This car was SOLD in 2018 (see the latest photos)

Ross competing in his TR3A at the VHRR Sandown historic meeting

Some details by Ross :

History of: TS 75195 0, Engine no TS 75596 E.
Now Club Permit Registered - CH 1465

The birth certificate confirms it was built on 5 th May, 1960
I bought this car from Brian Richards on the 23rd July, 1988. Brian had owned it for some 12 years. During his ownership he rebuilt it to a very high standard, winning the TR Register's Concours in 1983, and 1985.
The early history is largely unknown, except it was sold by AMI, Melbourne, and first registered as HFG 431, on 10 th August, 1960. I believe the original owner was Charles Foundyler of Toorak, in Melbourne.
Brian told me he purchased it from someone in Canberra, and believed at some stage it was supercharged and raced. The supercharger theory was confirmed in 2010, when I was talking to I guy I knew in my Porsche club days, who said he fitted it for Charles Foundyler, around 1961/62.
I would dearly like to fill in the gaps if anyone has knowledge of this car. (My phone no is 03 9827 5234).
During the last 18 years I have competed in club sprints, and Historic Regularity events, and 6 Hour Relays.
Breaking the Crankshaft at the Historic Phillip Island Meeting in March 2004, was the catalyst for a freshen up of the chassis, mechanicals, and some body work. The interior is still in wonderful condition, thanks to the quality of Brian's rebuild.
The body was lifted off the chassis complete. The chassis was stripped bare, and sent for crack checking, welding in of strengthening gussets, sandblasting, and powder coating.
Meanwhile a second engine was built with much help from my friend, Mike Heaton. The specification was extensive and thorough, and vastly expensive, with all the good bits, but well worth it.
The original gear box was replaced by a TR 4 unit which was rebuilt by Geoff Kelly, and mated to the overdrive from the 3 syncro box.

"Down by the Riverside"
Twin TRs
Back from Phillip Island 6 hour relay

The chassis was reassembled with new or reconditioned suspension, lowered springs, modified TR 4/5 top arms to give negative camber, Koni shockers at the front, standard at the rear, the engine and gearbox refitted, brakes rebuilt , steering components checked, and the body installed. All very simple, but takes time.
I retained the original steering box which was in perfect order, again thanks to Brian's good work. Mike Larkman tided up the front panels.
Since completion, I continue to compete in Club and Historic events. The 3A goes really well on the track and the road. The original motor awaits a rebuild in the future.
I have owned the 3A longer than any previous car, and just love driving it. With the introduction of the revised Club Permit Scheme in Victoria, I can use it on an unrestricted basis for up to 90 days per year. That is some incentive to take it out of the garage!
Ross Mckinnon - TR Register member no 16.

Home from Winton Alfa Romeo 6 hour 2009
At Rest
VHRR Historic 2008 Phillip Island "Ready To Go"