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Ian Simmons (NSW) TR3A

TR3A:1958 model - Commission # TS 47047
Eng. No. TS2330E     Body - 1052822

Ian says "Here is the history of my sports car experiences:

Sometime in the mid 60’s whilst a member of the Melbourne TSOA and as an encore to graduation celebrations, I managed to flip and roll over, multiple times, my fairly new TR3A..... Many months of recovery then spent in The Royal Melbourne.

The next TR experience was in the early to mid 70’s, in the Sydney TSOA where I actually had the privilege of being Vice President. About fifteen years ago I rebuilt two Jaguar Sports cars which I still have and love but the TR bug attacked me again a couple of years back so I negotiated a telephone deal with a bloke in WA and bought the newest 3A.

I believe that I have done some modifications to drag it a little further forward in the 20th Century. Some would disagree:

  • Full Syncro Gearbox and J Type Overdrive.
  • Moss rack and Pinion Steering.
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Alternator
  • HS6 Carburettors
  • Dayton Wheels

Now I live in the Rylstone countryside I find it a pleasure to drive to town, to pick up the mail and not have to sit at myriads of traffic lights before getting onto some nice open air driving.

The power and smoothness of a V12 Jag under foot is wonderful and exciting but somehow can’t take the place of the grass roots Sports Car feeling that the TR provides. I just love it!"

Photographed in Mudgee

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