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Blocked Drains - by Neville Turbit

I have had a problem for a long time.  In fact my partner might even say the word “problem” should be plural rather than singular.  For years I have suffered from soggy boot.  My problem however is now solved.

Soggy Boots
You know what happens when it rains or you wash the car.  The boot channel fills with water and the drains don’t do their job.  They are either kinked or fill with dirt.  This is what my one looked like yesterday.  I managed the double.  Kinked and blocked with dirt.
Original blocked drain

One of the problems – or at least it is with my car is that the diameter of the drain pipe is 11.5mm and the hole in the guard for the drain pipe is about 12mm.  Up to this point, I used 12mm thin walled tubing and heated up one end to push it over the drain pipe.  I suppose I could have drilled out the hole in the guard but the kinking was always a problem anyway.

So now I have a solution.  I scrounged around the garage, and came up with some right angle copper pipe fittings.  The internal diameter is half inch.  I used some 14mm tubing I had lying around to go into one end, and some 12 mm tubing in the other side.  Push the 12mm plastic tube in, past the ridge, which would usually be the stop for the copper pipe.  It is about 12mm inside diameter. Just apply some Sikaflex to the fittings and allow to dry.

New Drain

Just for completeness, here are the tubing sizes.

  • 12mm x 135mm about 1.6mm wall thickness
  • 14mm x 90mm about 1.6mm wall thickness

After the Sikaflex dried, I installed the two drains and held the top hose in place with a hose clamp.  Washed the car and the water just ran away.  This is a rough picture of the result in situ.  It is hard to take a picture with your phone in the corner of the boot, but it will give you an idea of how it fits.

Incidentally, a good tip for heating up plastic hoses to make them easier to fit is to use a heat gun for about 5-10 seconds.  Works like a charm.
I hope this helps someone else fix their soggy boot.

Drain installed