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Graham Woollard - SA
TR2 - 1955 model    Comm # TS 5298 O     Reg # TR 1955

Entered 12/02/2020

Build date 17th January 1955

1st owner Max Peglar in Sydney - 11th October 1955

2nd owner Russell Shepherd in Sydney - 1969

By 1969 it had been repainted red and had a hardtop fitted.  Russell sold the car circa 1971.

Between 1971-1984 the car moved to Victoria, was repainted pale yellow green, the upholstery painted black and had lost its hardtop.

It was also involved in two accidents requiring major repairs,

  1. rear passenger corner and,
  2. drivers side mid car which drove the chassis in 5/16" and required a replacement door. In both cases panel repairs were undertaken using lead sheeting.

Laid up unregistered, Victoria (ca 1984)

Bernie Mack, in Victoria found it abandoned in a paddock where it had been for a few years. (ca 1986)

Current owner Graham Woollard in South Australia (ca 1987)
I brought this car back from Victoria in about 1987. Any sane person would have scrapped it as the instruments, two of the wings, bonnet, boot lid were all missing. The rusting shell had no floors, foot plates or bulkhead and what there was badly dented and badly rusted. It was accompanied by three tea chests of bits, most of which had to be discarded.

After languishing at the back of my garage for 25 years the car underwent a full chassis up restoration (the chassis had first to be straightened as a result of numerous accidents). The car was registered on club plates on 4th December 2015.